Protection from the evolving cyber threat

As your operations become digital, they need to be secure. Prevent, defend and monitor cyberattacks with our comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity offerings. We’ll help you assess your vulnerabilities, fend off the evolving cyber threat and implement protections.

Why choose Speedcast’s cybersecurity solutions?


We won’t wait until your operations are compromised. We monitor for threats before they happen.


Our cyber threat intelligence provides information to identify new threats and opportunities.


We monitor your operations closely so we can mitigate damage if an attack does occur.

Protect your vulnerabilities, preserve your value

Keep your operations, reputation and finances secure with our cybersecurity offerings.

Cyber Security as a Service (CCaaS)

Cyber Security as a Service (CCaaS)

Our suite of applications and services protects against evolving cyber threats. CCaaS combines a unified threat management system and end-point protection, ensuring your remote sites are operating securely. Designed for maritime and enterprise and offered through our SIGMA network management device.

SafePass Pro

SafePass Pro

SafePass Pro provides content filtering, scans data traffic for threats, and can identify threats in the deep web and dark net. It is perfect for the energy market, with a 24/7/265 Security Operations Center constantly monitoring threats.

VSAT Satellite delivered with Speedcast Atlas

Speedcast Atlas is a fully managed end-to-end solution, infinitely customization to fit your exact business needs - now and in the future.   It's an all-in-one solution, designed to guide your ocean cruise businesses through digitalization and automation of vessels and business operations.