Journey to the ends of the earth with one of the greatest modern-day explorers

Meet Mike Horn, a world-renowned explorer and adventurer. He's swum solo down the Amazon River, circumnavigated the globe along the equator without motorized vehicles, and crossed the North Pole in the dark. Join him on his adventures as he travels Pole to Pole in some of the most extreme and remote locations on the planet.

Mike's Journey: Three unique expeditions, all powered by Speedcast

The Speedcast team behind Mike

The Field Engineers

Our Field Engineering Team have fitted Mike's vessel Pangaea with the latest in Speedcast technology, so that he can travel the world with confidence knowing that he's always connected.

The Support Team

Ready to move at a moment’s notice, our support team can assist Mike with whatever he needs anywhere in the world 24/7, keeping his technology up-to-date and operating correctly.

The Network     Operations Team

Our team of IT technicians will proactively monitor Mike’s connectivity as he traverses around the world, resolving issues that may arise and taking preventive steps to ensure Mike will experience seamless connectivity.

Updates from Mike Horn:

Long, Lat: 79° 41' 49" N, 10° 03' 43" E

Altitude: 33.5m | 110 ft

Temp: -5°C | 22.9°F

Mike's Status: OK

Speedcast Solutions

Iridium Certus™

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus offers seamless and continuous data and voice coverage from pole to pole. Mike's vessels and vehicles are equipped with the latest Thales VesseLink and MissionLink terminals enabled by Iridium Certus to provide reliable satellite communications at sea or on land regardless of location, terrain or weather events.

Satellite Handhelds

Satellite Handhelds

For land expeditions, Mike is equipped with the latest satellite handhelds to stay connected and share content in remote locations at all times. The handhelds are designed to provide Mike with voice, SMS, video and data transfer functionalities to meet his critical communications needs. 

Thuraya X5

Thuraya X5

The Thuraya X5 Touch is the world’s first Android™-based satellite and GSM phone. It runs on the Android operating system and has a 5.2-inch full, high-definition touchscreen for users that frequently move in and out of terrestrial coverage.

Speedcast GO4SPEED™

Speedcast GO4SPEED™

When Pangaea is near shore, the crew on-board will have access to local 4G/LTE connectivity offered through Speedcast GO4SPEED.

Speedcast FieldVision™

Speedcast FieldVision™

The feature-rich, cloud-based Speedcast FieldVision platform can track Mike's journey in real-time.

Live Broadcast

Join Mike as he broadcasts his adventures and behind-the-scenes action in real-time; watch him conduct live question and answer sessions; and stream historic moments from his expeditions.

Mike has left K2 and is getting ready for the North Pole expedition. Before Mike hosts the next broadcast, relive the moments where Mike and Fred Roux talked about potential challenges and the K2 death zone.

Follow the journey

Want to hear the latest from Mike? Using Speedcast's fully managed, innovative solutions, Mike will be able to share historic moments in real-time.

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