Our Leadership Team

Speedcast’s highly effective executive leadership team is comprised of accomplished individuals with extensive expertise across various markets, regions, and industries. With their collective experience in technology, communications, digital transformation, product development, and network technology implementation, they drive the company’s success.

Each team member possesses a deep understanding of the industry and has a track record of delivering results. Their leadership has been instrumental in optimizing operational performance, maximizing financial strategies, and creating value for customers.



From satellite communications to broadcasting, software engineering, digital transformation, and IT virtualization, the team’s diverse backgrounds contribute to their innovative approach. They have held key leadership positions in renowned organizations, where they have led digital initiatives, shaped product visions, and implemented cutting-edge technologies.

Together, Speedcast’s leadership team members form a cohesive and dynamic unit, dedicated to driving innovation, growth, and delivering outstanding solutions. Their collective expertise and strategic vision position Speedcast as a leader in the industry, empowering the company to meet the evolving needs of customers across various sectors.

Executive Committee

Jim Frownfelter

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman of the Board

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Lee Eckert

Chief Financial Officer

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Steve Salem

General Counsel

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Dee Schwalb

Chief Product Officer

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Moti Shulman

Chief Innovation Officer

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Commercial Leadership

James Trevelyan

Global Commercial Lead

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Andre Eerland

Commercial Maritime

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Richard Elson


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Brent Horwitz

Cruise & Ferry

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David Myers


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