Stay connected far afield and down the deepest mine

Mining companies today require the best connectivity solutions from exploration through production. That means multiple access technology options, a host of IT solutions and applications, and tools to keep crew safe and operations running on a limited budget. Speedcast can help you go further—geographically and operationally—to maintain your competitive edge.

How we help solve the latest challenges in Mining

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GEO, MEO, LEO VSAT C-, Ku-, Ka-, L-Band
Professional Manpower Services
Network Management 24/7 Monitoring WAN Optimization Cloud Optimization SD-WAN QoS
Telecom Systems Integration
Asset, People & Vehicle Tracking
Mobile Connectivity
IoT Solutions
Field Installation & Maintenance
LAUNCH Entertainment
Global MPLS Network
Industrial Wifi Microwave Radio
Virtualization & Edge Compute Solutions
LAUNCH Internet
LAN, PBX Management
International & Local Voice