Supporting disaster response teams saving lives and improving the world

NGOs and disaster response teams must be mobile, flexible and ready to deploy in the harshest environments at the most unexpected times. During a disaster response event, Speedcast is available where you operate, providing resilient satellite communications for any budget, so you can focus on what matters most—saving lives and improving the world.

Disaster Recovery Communications

In disaster response, every second counts. Using Starlink’s high-speed low latency connectivity, Speedcast’s Rapid Deploy Kit enables voice, video, IoT, telemedicine and more. The solution includes a Starlink Flat High Performance Kit, a network device and Wi-Fi. Everything is packaged in an easy to carry case, making it the ideal on-the-go solution for first responders or remote workers in media, mining, energy, government or NGOs.

Some of our latest news and thinking in Humanitarian and NGO


Speedcast Restores Critical Communications in Tonga

Global communication provider first to restore service following volcanic eruption devastating connectivity in the remote pacific island

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Restoring Connectivity in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

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Speedcast Restores Connectivity to Islands Devastated by Hurricane Iota with Colombia’s MinTIC

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Speedcast Creates Custom Connectivity Solution for Hospitals in Papua New Guinea

Private VSAT Network Ensures Uptime for Hospitals’ Critical Operations

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Speedcast and PuntoNet Connect Galápagos Islands

Improved Connectivity Will Support Growing Tourism to the Remote Islands

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Solving the latest challenges in Humanitarian and NGO

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