Global, seamless coverage

Speedcast unites our diverse connectivity resources into a single, seamless network experience. With Speedcast, you get a network of networks from both VSAT and MSS services. Speedcast has a satellite network of more than 80 satellites and 40 teleports, combined to form the largest global network in the world.

Connectivity for remote land and terrain

The Speedcast advantage

 Limitless Bandwidth

We offer more bandwidth than any other service provider, so we have you covered as you grow.

Single-Service Experience

A single provider for all your terrestrial, satellite and hybrid networks.


We offer reliable communications to support your essential operations.

Largest Satellite Services Provider

Our network of networks keeps your critical operations running.



Speedcast has more than 20 years of VSAT experience in the Maritime, Offshore and Enterprise sectors, and has served a wide range of vessels and sites that operate across oceans and in the most remote and rugged locations in the world, where reliable communication links are quite literally a lifeline for crew.  We ensure our service is always available with solutions that vary from shared to dedicated services and include redundant backup where required.



Working with global providers such as Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya – Speedcast delivers cost-effective voice and data connectivity via L-Band. We offer a wide range of L-band Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) catering for every requirement, wherever they are needed around the globe. Speedcast provides MSS/L-band equipment and services to the Maritime, Land, Energy and Disaster-Recovery sectors.

Experience the difference.