Expand your telecommunications services and capture new subscribers

The number of mobile devices and demand for broadband connectivity is on the rise—not only in bustling, urban centers. Today, mobile operators are seeking to extend their coverage even further, to remote and rural locations clamoring for connectivity. Whether it’s through fiber, microwave, satellite or a hybrid solution, our telecommunications services including cellular backhaul solutions will help you extend voice and data services to expand your coverage area and your revenue.

  • 2.7 billion

    of people offline

  • 96%

    offline in emerging countries

  • 20+

    Speedcast backhaul projects

Source: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Satellite backhaul is quickly becoming cost-competitive with fiber. Speedcast CELLULAR Backhaul solutions allow leading mobile network operators (MNOs) and Government organizations around the world to achieve true LTE speeds while overcoming the inherent delay in satellite communications.

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