MSS Satellite Service

Speedcast defines a new standard in Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) /L-Band communications on land and at sea. We enable data and voice connectivity globally, providing cost-effective and dependable links to remote sites through small, lightweight terminals. Whether you are a first responder dispatched to a disaster zone or an adventurer going for a month-long excursion in the mountains, Speedcast’s suite of MSS solutions ensure you have the best-fit solution onshore and offshore.

Ideal Hybrid

Offers significant benefits in safety, efficiency, and reliability when combined with Speedcast’s global connectivity network.

Single-Service Experience

A single provider for all your needs – from design and installation, to support and management.

Catered for Service Provider

Simplify billing and service management with Speedcast’s next generation billing platform.

One platform, many capabilities

Delivering global, reliable, enterprise-grade services, Iridium Certus redefines the capabilities of mobile satellite communications.

With Iridium Certus, maritime organizations can rely on seamless connectivity to fuel their daily business operations, safety services, IoT applications and crew welfare. Built for the maritime market, Iridium Certus offers the fastest L-band broadband coverage on the planet. Iridium Certus guarantees comprehensive coverage, no matter your location, nearby terrain or weather.

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Iridium Certus for Land sets the new standard for remote communications and connectivity for enterprises, governments, and individuals that want to extend their use of mobile networks into remote areas without having to deploy ground-based infrastructure or terminals.

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Augmented by its constellation of 66 crosslinked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, Iridium handheld devices are rugged and durable; built to withstand harsh environments.

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Iridium GMDSS is the most advanced mariner safety solution in the market that encompasses a set of protocols, equipment, and communications systems designed to ensure that if a ship is in distress, aid can be dispatched from anywhere in the world. International Maritime Organization (IMO) certified, Iridium GMDSS offers truly global coverage to mariners sailing any of the world’s oceans.

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