The extreme adventurer, Mike Horn, and professional Rally Racer Cyril Despres are determined to change the way motor racing is done on the planet. In 2021, they participated in the Dakar Rally to collect data for a full hydrogen-powered vehicle that they have been developing as part of the GEN Z project.

In the final installment of the Minute with Mike Dakar Rally series, we see the collaborative effort unfolding to build a hydrogen-powered vehicle, contributing to a cleaner environment for future races – and beyond. Professional explorer Mike Horn plans to use the hydrogen-powered car to help educate the world on climate change and environmental preservation. Throughout his expeditions around the world,  Speedcast remains a constant support for Mike’s research – whether he’s in the Arctic gathering weather data for forecasters and observing the behavior of whales, or racing up and down sand dunes in remote deserts of Saudi Arabia, connectivity goes with him.

Photo credit: Etienne Claret

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