Speedcast CELLULAR Solutions

Always On

Stay connected with our hybrid terrestrial-satellite solution and optimize your IoT assets.

New Growth

Expand your operations and business beyond terrestrial network regions.

Balance Cost and Quality

Offering a dual level of redundancy, providing the option of no single point of failure.

CELLULAR Product List

Speedcast CELLULAR propositions enhance your connectivity at remote sites or vessels with greater cost savings, efficiencies, safety and visibility.

Speedcast bundles hardware and capacity, design and installation services, engineering, and more into an easy-to-manage-and-finance solution so you can expand over 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G networks.

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Access to a near-shore, data-only 4G/LTE solution with flexible usage packages, cost control and overage protection anywhere in the world.

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Leverage your asset intelligence with Speedcast CELLULAR Offshore’s 4G/LTE solution purpose-built for operations in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea.

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Passengers onboard cruise and ferry vessels gain access to voice and data services simply by connecting to the network with their own SIM cards.

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