Journey to the ends of the earth with one of the greatest modern-day explorers, Mike Horn. He’s swum solo down the Amazon River, circumnavigated the globe along the equator without motorized vehicles, and crossed Antarctica in the dark. Join him on his newest adventure as he travels Pole to Pole supported by Speedcast Atlas, a fully managed, end-to-end solution, in some of the most extreme and remote locations on the planet.

Watch live broadcasts and real time social media of Mike Horn on his upcoming expeditions in Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska; K2 summit from the North Ridge; and crossing the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole. Track Mike’s last pinged location with Speedcast FieldVision, and see latest social posts delivered with Speedcast’s remote communications solutions.

Speedcast is the exclusive provider of remote communications to Mike Horn, the world-renowned South African-born Swiss professional explorer and adventurer. Speedcast’s extensive connectivity services and applications will support Mike’s adventures in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.