Mike’s whole expedition team gathered up in Anchorage Alaska, and flew in together to meet up with Mike on the boat in the small Alaskan fishing town of Nome. The last time Mike waited for a flight to land in this very airport was over 15 years ago during his Arktos expedition.

It be will be a total of 13 people sailing up towards the North Pole for the drop-off. Pangaea (Mike’s boat), is big enough to sleep up to 30 people, but 13 people living in a confined space with no sight of land for up to a month can at times be quite challenging.

As they arrive, Jacek, Laure and Sebastian, the boat’s long-term crew greet the newcomers with open arms.

Mike’s expedition includes his daughter, Annika, his friend and expedition partner Borge with whom he will be dropped off onto the ice, his Russian photographer Dmitry, four young content creators from Switzerland and the United States, his friend and famous Swiss sailor Bernard Stamm and finally Felix, a young Chinese and German guy who accompanied Mike to the North Pole in 2011, will all take part in this incredible adventure.

A good catch up and decent laughs will be the starting point of this journey! 

Be sure to follow Mike Horn’s progress, tracked by Speedcast’s communications equipment, at Mike Horn’s Homepage.