Mike Horn and his team have finally made it to the K2 base camp. It has been an intense week trekking up, with heavy snows started falling from Day 1 and didn’t stop until they reached base camp. This is quite a change from their last K2 expedition in 2015, when it only started snowing on their last day before reaching K2 base camp.

These conditions have unfortunately made it impossible for them to use our various devices and the lack of sun meant they were unable to use their solar panels to charge their batteries. For this reason, they haven’t been able to provide their team back home with updates and content, as well as tune in to Live Q&A’s. But now that they have all arrived at base camp, they hope to be able to catch up on the content and updates you have been missing out on.

Be sure to follow Mike Horn’s progress, tracked by Speedcast’s communications equipment, at Mike Horn’s Homepage.