After a full week of repairs and preparations, it was finally time for them to leave Nome. Mike Horn and his crew’s itinerary would see them sail the Bering Sea along the Alaskan coast before making their way through the Bering Strait.

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving, Mike suddenly heard Jacek yell from the Engine room, telling them to stop the engines. The pump used for the starboard engine’s cooling system just broke. The only solution for them is to stop along the coast in a small town called Teller, to where Jeff Darling, a friend of Mike living in Nome, will send the part on the next flight in.

But Mike knows Teller well. He spent a lot of time there during his Arktos expedition around the Arctic Circle between 2002 and 2004. During his stay there he had made a very good friend, a guy called Joe Garnie. Although this pump situation is inconvenient and will cause some delay, a stop in Teller is the perfect opportunity to see if Joe’s still around and doing well.

Be sure to follow Mike Horn’s progress, tracked by Speedcast’s communications equipment, at Mike Horn’s Homepage.