Just when Mike and his crew thought Pangaea’s issues were over and they could finally focus on their goal, the next problem came knocking on the door. As they left Teller and adjusted their course towards the Pole, the automatic piloting system gave in on them.

As always, Mike keeps his positive attitude and doesn’t interpret these challenges as signals that the quest he had decided to undertake, might be a bad idea. On the contrary, he takes these knocks on the door as small blessings in disguise. They serve to keep him alert and to develop a problem-solving attitude from the very start.

Mike and his crew detoured and stopped in Point Hope, Jacek, the engineer was able to fix the engine and Mike took this opportunity to meet an old friend that he encountered during his Arktos expedition. 

After that, as they leave the coast behind them, Mike runs inside, grab a bottle of wine and tell the crew to follow him. He goes back on deck and pour some wine in the water to ask for Neptune’s blessing on this journey. Hopefully the God of water will appreciate this offering and send good currents their way.

That’s what he loves about exploration, no today will ever be the same as any yesterday! And as for what’s in store for tomorrow? Well, that is completely up to the unknown!

Be sure to follow Mike Horn’s progress, tracked by Speedcast’s communications equipment, at Mike Horn’s Homepage.