According to the history books, Europeans began exploring the globe starting in the 15th Century. It was called the Age of Exploration, and it came to an end more than 200 years ago. Mike Horn never got that memo.

Born in South Africa and living in Switzerland, Mike is probably the world’s most famous explorer alive today. He swam the length of the Amazon solo, circled the world along the equator without benefit of a motor, and completed an unsupported crossing of Antarctica at its greatest length. Starting in 2016, he began the Pole2Pole expedition, a circumnavigation of the globe that ends in 2019 and includes an attempt at the K2 summit and the crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole.

The explorers of old went in search of glory and riches. Mike has a different mission. He believes that, if he can show enough people firsthand the rapid environmental changes sweeping the globe, we can better understand the impact of climate change and begin caring enough to take action.

A mission like that requires impact. For the Pole2Pole expedition, Mike sought to share his journey in real time with a global audience, trusting that the immediacy and drama of his message would achieve more than he had achieved before. That led him to Speedcast, the world’s largest provider of remote communications and IT services, which agreed to become a contributor to his mission. It was to be a partnership that put both to the test.

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