Amsterdam, October 3, 2019 – Speedcast Media Network’s vice president Alberto Carpenè discusses the latest development for the company at IBC2019 with Inbroadcast’s Ashley Blankenship:

The Speedcast Media Network (SMN) utilizes a network of hundreds of edge devices to transport videos securely and globally to the most critical video locations on the planet for news agencies and large broadcasters.

The Speedcast Media Network is based in Europe, United States and Singapore. We are starting with Europe and the United States and will build out our capabilities in Singapore and Asia in the second part of next year.

Speedcast is working with a large international carrier on SMN Mobile LTE service to provide customers access to all of Speedcast resources, including teleports and satellites, via cellular connectivity. With 5G rolling out next year, SMN Mobile LTE will offer media companies the ability to use 5G for video uplinking.

Watch the full interview with Alberto Carpenè: