The COVID19 pandemic has caused the world much suffering, both personal and economic. But it has also sparked innovation that will have value long after vaccines are finally available.

In mid-2020, Speedcast began installing a new VSAT platform – Dialog from ST Engineering iDirect – to upgrade service aboard a major maritime fleet. The shipowner sought to take advantage of this advanced system, which brings together technologies pioneered by STEi to reduce satellite bandwidth requirements by +50%, increase throughput from the same antennas and boost reliability. But how do you install new technology aboard a hundred ships during a global pandemic?

The answer was an innovative remote installation process that maintained uninterrupted service. Speedcast worked out procedures for onboard IT staff to receive equipment, plan deployment and install Dialog to serve both primary and secondary antennas. We then held conference calls to talk them through each step. Following a successful first installation, we were able to scale up the process and complete the deployment on schedule.

Best of all, the remote installations took only a fraction of the time and expense of a traditional installer visit. And that is the value that we can take forward into a post-COVID world: bringing high-value technology to our customers faster and at less cost than ever before.

Learn how we migrated our customers to the Dialog platform during COVID.

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