When a luxury yacht or expedition ship leaves harbor, it leaves the world behind. But not the need for the digital connections that bring information and entertainment aboard. Meeting the expectations of their passengers takes flawless connectivity from the beginning of the voyage to its end.

What does that really mean? Reliable, high-bandwidth connections to the world from anywhere the ship may venture. Flexibility to fit a vessel’s itineraries. And concierge-level support and customer service.

Reliable, high-bandwidth connections? Check. Speedcast offers more satellite capacity than any other company, across every band and orbit. We combine it with cellular, fiber and microwave networks that span the globe, and technology that switches between them automatically, finds and fixed problems and keeps the network safe.

Flexibility? Check. Speedcast can turn services on in the same day and turn them off just as fast.

Communications are always ready to go when the vessel is.

Concierge-level service? Check. “Flawless” doesn’t mean that systems never fail. It means most problems are solved in advance, and when they can’t be, that remote diagnostics, help desk support and a field service team are standing by.

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