Whether on a drilling rig, a mining camp, a container vessel or cruise ship, crews need more than food, a bunk and a paycheck. At the end of a long shift, they want to kick back, choose a program to watch on TV and relax. But when many of them do it at the same time, it can be a big problem.

Video is a bandwidth hog. A typical email or voice call is measured in kilobytes. Most web browsing consumes a megabyte a minute. But when multiple people start playing videos from a distant Netflix server, they flood the network with hundreds of megabytes. They have to arrive on time in the right order to deliver a good viewing experience. This is rarely the case.


Complicating matters is when large crews must also compete with passengers on leisure maritime voyages. Hundreds to thousands of eager entertainment consumers face reduced bandwidth and freezing video streams if not properly prepared for in advance. Disconnected, unhappy staff and passengers make for a miserable situation – not just for them, but also for you.

Time to Launch

When satellite is your connection to the world, you are stuck with a choice between spending a great deal of money or forcing those on site to have a bad experience while your network overloads.

Except that, now, there is a third choice – Speedcast LAUNCH Entertainment. It offers a way to provide crew and passengers with the latest entertainment, sports and news when they want it without breaking the bank or bringing down your network. The end-to-end service extends from installation to content selection and ongoing delivery, all without adding to administrative workload. The same system can deliver popular video-based applications for remote sites, such as digital signage and announcement feeds, along with training content for crews, of which consumption can be tracked for compliance purposes.

Additionally, vacationers can enjoy the same online experience that they have at home while cruising at sea. In just a few clicks, Speedcast creates a digital world directly to user devices, enabling them to catch up with friends, enjoy Hollywood blockbusters and stay connected to worldwide news – anywhere, anytime!

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