As Taiwan’s largest telecom, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has been providing satellite services to the government and enterprise market for over 50 years. Delivering international telecommunication services and video transmission services, CHT’s comprehensive range of satellite solutions includes VSAT, broadcast, backup system and value-added services.

With a growing number of organizations relying on the company’s satellite communication service over the years, CHT needed a network management solution that could meet its customers’ needs to support smart operations while delivering a high quality of service.

Smart Network Management Platform

Speedcast’s award-winning network management platform, Speedcast SIGMA™, harnesses the power of diverse communications technologies and integrates these into a fully functional network management solution.  Running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Speedcast SIGMA’s scalability and modular architecture enable CHT to quickly adapt to the changing needs of its customers’ business.

Speedcast SIGMA features a cloud-based real-time dashboard, offering end-to-end visibility into all remote sites and applications. Its automated and efficient management of multiple WAN links, cybersecurity and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) between the vessel and shore, makes it easy to manage many transmission paths, including VSAT, 4G/5G and L-band connectivity. Additionally, its ability to support crew welfare services and ‘bring-your-own-device’ boosts operational efficiency and flexibility. Customers can even prioritize interactive and time-critical traffic and define Quality of Service (QoS) directly on the platform. These capabilities offer customers greater control and bandwidth optimization for their remote operations​.

Unlimited Future

As CHT continues to grow its satellite business, SIGMA on AWS provides customers with higher performance and more efficient network management that is unmatched on the market. By running on the cloud, Speedcast SIGMA augments the speed, agility and security required to manage complex networks at remote sites.

Find out how Speedcast SIGMA can simply your network management.