Fans of the Matrix movies are likely familiar with the idea of doors that are actually portals.  You’re in a room, you walk through a doorway and wind up in a different place or even a different reality.  A popular international anime series called Doraemon features an Anywhere Door with the same power.

Speedcast turns this movie magic concept into a real-life solution, delivering complete operational visibility anywhere you need it, no matter where you are.

The Expertise Shortage

Every company with remote operations suffers from a shortage of expertise, whether it operates cargo vessels, energy platforms, long-haul ferries, mines or construction projects.  It’s not that the organization lacks the experts it needs.  It’s that the experts can’t be everywhere at once.  The more remote the operations, the more costly and time-consuming it is to move the right people around – or to allocate the satellite bandwidth needed to put them virtually on the spot with all the information they need, especially when balancing remote network priorities.

More for Less – 80% Less

An Anywhere Door is the obvious answer – and Speedcast has one.

The pandemic has made video collaboration a way of life for workers formerly sitting side by side in their cubicles.  Screen and file-sharing tools, and more powerful remote desktop applications, have stood in remarkably well for in-person engagement, even if we tire of staring at faces on screens.

The trouble with video is that it is bandwidth hungry.  Depending on resolution, it requires between 2 and 7 megabytes per second of capacity to be worth watching.  That’s not much of a hurdle for today’s business or home broadband connection.  But for a remote facility at the end of a satellite link, it adds substantially to connectivity costs, especially when multiple video sessions are going on at the same time.  That’s why so many operations depend on email, voice, still pictures, and long-distance travel by expert troubleshooters when needed.

But what if we could significantly shrink the bandwidth demand of video by a lot – like 80%?  That’s what Speedcast SmartViewTM can do.  It is a network-optimized streaming service that works with everything from surveillance cameras and smartphones to ROVs for subsurface inspection. It offers secure video streaming across satellite and terrestrial connections with plug and play usability.  It’s as close to an Anywhere Door as you are likely to find.

The people whose expertise you depend on can stop wasting their time traveling and start spending it helping field teams get the job done. Instead of spending a week on one challenge, they can contribute to solving a half dozen a day. Field teams wearing rugged, hands-free devices can capture actual remote site conditions and receive instructions and support in real time. Inspection and surveillance feeds can be streamed to headquarters or the cloud for video analytics, decreasing the time it takes for critical decision-making to a matter of minutes. Speedcast SmartView makes the entire collaboration process fluid, saving money and resources, as well as reducing carbon footprint.

Some technology solutions go in search of a problem to solve. With Speedcast SmartView, we are solving problems for our customers that have been in desperate need of a solution for a long time.

Want to know more? Check out our “Need to Know” video interview with senior product director David Bunting.

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