By now, we have all heard more than we want to know about 5G and its capabilities. But so far, we have not really felt any big change in our digital lives.

That is going to change in the next year or two – and it will change first in the business and industrial markets that can gain the greatest value from the technology.

Faster Network? 

The one thing everyone knows about 5G is that it will provide massively greater capacity and speed to users. That’s true, because it has been built from the ground up to use more spectrum. And at the radio frequencies it typically operates on, it also provides super-low latency, providing a responsiveness never before possible.

But that same up-from-the-ground redesign of mobile technology provides other important benefits. It has been designed to support Internet of Things applications with improved performance for narrowband applications within the big, broad spectrum allocation. It offers better access technology, which reduces the power drain on small, battery-operated IoT devices and allows them to operate much longer.

Public and Private on a Single Platform

5G also has the unique ability to support, on a single wireless platform, both public and secure private networks running side by side. So, a single 5G implementation can provide mobile services to subscribers while securely running a high-performance network in a mine, construction site or factory.  The savings on network development and operation can be substantial.

There’s much more to know about 5G’s impact on mining, energy, maritime, construction, military and other operations. Give a listen to this short Need-to-Know video on “Unlocking Value from 5G Environments.”

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Meeting the Challenge of Multi-Orbit, Beam Forming Networks

In an environment with multiple network and technology options, integrators need to remain agnostic to deliver the most cost-effective and highest-quality connectivity services. That’s why Speedcast developed its new unified global mobility platform, a single automated solution explicitly designed to function in a multi-network environment.

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