Driving remote communications forward through innovation

Customer expectations grow every year—for more bandwidth, a more streamlined service experience and more. However, connecting the most remote places on earth—now and for the future—requires foresight, innovation and transformation. That’s why we’re continuously working on new products and services to drive the remote communications industry forward. We can improve our customers' lives by improving their connected experience. 

Here’s some of our latest thinking


Systems Integration Q&A

With Terry Babin, Global Director for Systems Integration & Professional Services

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Delivering on innovation with some of our latest products

At Speedcast, we focus on developing new innovations that meet our customers’ needs. Check out a few products specifically designed for the challenges our customers face.

Speedcast SIGMA Family

Speedcast SIGMA Family

Our secured network management device is easy to deploy, integrate and manage. Shape and optimize traffic across multiple local networks, diverse links, crew devices, IoT sensors and more. Centralized network and firewall management are optimized for remote connectivity. 

Speedcast Cyber Security as a Service

Speedcast Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS)

A suite of applications and services to protect against evolving cyber threats. CSaaS combines a unified threat management system and end-point protection, ensuring your remote sites are operating securely.

Speedcast Navigation as a Service

Speedcast Navigation as a Service

A managed solution combining satellite communications with automated eNavigation and publication updates, delivered by a single provider.