Digitalization is a process that is still maturing in shipping, with an increasing range of operations and functions becoming automated over the past few years as connectivity and accessibility to data have grown.

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As new business concepts foster the wider take-up of data and applications, new technologies will give rise to fresh iterations in a perpetual cycle of innovation.

Digital business has the potential to transform the way shipping companies operate, but implementing technologies and enabling organizational change are no simple tasks. Organizations need to adopt the solutions most appropriate for their businesses so that they can update legacy systems, move toward optimized operations and future-proof their business models.

The effective implementation of digital technologies also has implications for organizational change and this raises bigger issues that shipowners need to address sooner rather than later.

With such a wide choice of vendors in shipping, owners and operators need to be satisfied that they have the best potential partner to leverage communications in support of a digital strategy. From this starting point, owners can progressively investigate the connectivity solution that is right for them, how to manage and control this new data stream, the importance of cybersecurity and the need for global support.

The impact of digitalization on shipping is so important that Speedcast has put together a list of five questions any potential buyers of communications should ask their vendor.

1. Can you help me future-proof my connectivity?
Digitalization is having a profound impact on how shipowners and managers run their businesses and what they want from their technology partners. The most important factor in creating a digital strategy is developing a clear understanding of your business goals. At this higher level, what an owner or manager needs is not lower prices but better value. A long-term communications partner like Speedcast will be distinguished from one that simply sees a short-term opportunity. The Speedcast approach is to start with a conversation. We want to understand where customers are on their digital journey and how we can help take them from where they are to where they want to be. We work side by side through solution concept to implementation, through all evolutions of their business, to deliver a tailored solution design, system installation, analytics and optimization, local field support and solution management.

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