Shipowners are demanding ever more from their communications providers, not just in terms of service quality and speed, but in the management of onboard networks, the services available to them, and the need for protection of their assets.

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It’s a complex commitment that can’t be met by selling “me-too” services or merely white-labeling someone else’s hardware. Selecting the right smart network and data management platform is a decision that should be driven by what users really want and how we can help them achieve it.

The critical issue to understand is that there is no one requirement that fits all — even for operators in similar markets — but instead there is a range of different needs across multiple merchant shipping sectors.

The industry is at a crossroads in terms of the new functionality available onboard, with inputs from so many areas changing what is possible and enriching the experience for enterprise and crew connectivity. A product that started off as a network management device and the means for crew access is starting to turn into something much broader.

Vessel owners need to ask themselves, “Does this system help me easily deploy, manage, and maintain my on-board systems?” This is a process they have to undertake for themselves to explore short-term needs in their day-to-day work and the longer-term demands of a digital strategy.

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