The satellite industry is innovating at speed to prepare for a future of IoT and autonomous systems, 5G and explosive growth in internet demand everywhere. It is all expected to boost satcom revenues to $100 billion per year in 2027 according to Allied Market Research, up by a CAGR of 9.2%.

There have never been more opportunities for connectivity with vessels, platforms, rigs and places beyond the edge of today’s terrestrial networks. There has also never been greater complexity, with a growing number of communication paths, satellite orbits, unique networks and specialized technologies available in the North Sea. This can lead to confusion for customers who depend on this technology to know what will deliver them the reliability and functionality to get the job done, and keep their crew safe and happy while onboard.

When it comes to critical connectivity for your operations and safety of your crew, no one wants to place the wrong technology bet.

This whitepaper will explore the ways to take advantage of the latest developments today, combine them with your current trusted access technologies with the least downside risk to operations, and the solutions to help future-proof your remote networks to harness tomorrow’s innovations.