To extend their brand and reach to more regions on more devices across the world, media companies need continuous network connectivity. They need the ability to deliver broadcast-quality content to every screen.  Moreover, access to agile and efficient video solutions is a must to drive business growth. Video will dominate 74% of 5G traffic by 2024, according to a recent Ericsson forecast. Data from IHS Markit indicates than an increase in OTT video services is projected to add $3.66 billion of revenue to the direct-to-consumer entertainment market by 2023.

Yet, platforms in every region must combine their traditional linear TV channels with OTT offerings, giving subscribers a single and simple solution for consuming video content.

This whitepaper will explain why having a hybrid network that includes reliable satellite, fiber, IP, MPLS and cellular is a must today for multi-platform delivery. With access to a global hybrid network of networks, media companies can distribute live and linear digital video to a wider range of screens, with increased efficiency, simplicity and speed.