Speedcast today announced the expansion of its Ku-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) beams covering the Caribbean region.

The new HTS beams augment the Speedcast global Ku-band network, and provide additional capacity to the busiest yachting areas via 3-beam technology. This provides increased reliability and connectivity of up to 60 Mbps for yachts sailing throughout the Caribbean, which ensures that yacht owners and crew receive the high speed connectivity they demand.

“We’re launching the new HTS beams at just the right time for the Caribbean season,” said Piers Cunningham, Vice President, Maritime Services, Speedcast. “We have endeavored to have multiple satellites operating across our networks so all yachts can easily switch from one satellite to another in the event of line-of-sight issues, but still receive high speed connectivity through Speedcast. Yacht owners, guests and crew will benefit from the increased capacity within the Speedcast network.”

Speedcast recognized the benefits that HTS technology delivers to the yachting sector, and extended its capacity to meet the growing demand for bandwidth from yacht owners. The combination of Speedcast’s global Ku-band network augmented with regional HTS beams ensures that yachting customers are always connected, wherever they are.

“We’ve championed HTS as a transformative piece of technology within the satellite industry for a long time and we understand the importance of reliable connectivity while at sea. This launch is especially important for our super yacht customers. Whether to monitor for weather systems, improve the health and safety of the crew and guests on board, or to simply keep up to date with social media – this is super yachting in the 21st century,” Mr. Cunningham added.