London, April 26, 2017 – Speedcast International Ltd (ASX:SDA) is pleased to provide the Company’s latest Investor Day Presentation.

The global leader in remote communications and IT services

Speedcast is the world’s most trusted provider of fully managed remote communication network and IT services

Industry leader: extensive worldwide footprint of local support, infrastructure and coverage coupled with world-class technology and a strong safety culture
Innovator: able to design, integrate, secure and optimize networks tailored to customer needs
Customer focused: with technology agnostic solutions and support designed to meet the needs of each unique customer installation
Highly Skilled People make the difference in the services Speedcast provides
Creating value for our customers beyond connectivity to meet evolving customer needs

Industries with positive underlying growth characteristics

Speedcast is market leader following acquisition of Harris CapRock
Cyclical industry, currently at a low point in the cycle. Sector recovering, momentum building
Consolidated services requirement with focus on reliability and support
Competitors facing challenges

Speedcastis market leader in VSAT communications following acquisition of Harris CapRock
VSAT penetration driving growth in merchant shipping. Bottom of cycle in that segment.
Strong volume growth fundamentals in Cruise segment
Market still fragmented
Some competitors facing challenges

Enterprise & Emerging Markets (‘EEM’)
Diversified segment. Includes Government, Telecommunications, Mining, NGOs, Media and Aviation
Mining & Government spending expected to bottom out
Cellular backhaul driving growth
Fragmented industry. Limited global competitors.

Growth – organic and acquisitive
-2016 was tough year for industry, many competitors saw declines in their financial results, both revenue and Ebitda
-Speedcast outperformed vs peers, growing the business and completing a transformational acquisition
-Dual growth strategy delivered both EBITDA and NPATA per share growth in 2016 despite tougher trading conditions
-SDA has delivered organic service revenue growth since IPO, 10% in 2015 and 2% in 2016
-Growing faster than the market
-Increasing market share in strategic markets (Energy & Maritime)
-Room for more growth, only 10-15% of overall market revenues

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About Speedcast International Ltd:
Speedcast International Speedcast International Ltd (ASX:SDA) is the world’s largest remote communications and IT services provider. The company delivers critical communications solutions through its multi-access technology, multi-band and multi-orbit network of 80+ satellites and an interconnecting global terrestrial network, bolstered by extensive local support from 40+ countries. Speedcast is uniquely positioned as a strategic partner, tailoring communications, IT and digital solutions to meet customer needs and enable business transformation. The company provides managed information services with differentiated technology offerings, including cybersecurity, crew welfare, content solutions, data and voice applications, IoT solutions and network systems integration services. With a passionate customer focus and a strong safety culture, Speedcast serves more than 3,200 customers in over 140 countries in sectors such as Maritime, Energy, Mining, Enterprise, Media, Cruise, Humanitarian and Government. Learn more at Speedcast.

Toni Lee Rudnicki
VP Global Marketing