SYDNEY, September 26, 2018 – Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, today announced a long-term partnership with In Aria! Networks in conjunction with the launch of a range of solutions for the Speedcast Media Network. In Aria! Networks, a leading live and secure video transport service provider, will provide Speedcast’s managed transport solution, which will be integral to the Speedcast Media Network. Market development will be led by In Aria! CEO Alberto Carpenè, as he takes on this additional role at Speedcast.

The Speedcast Media Network is a new hybrid content platform that provides digital content – from entertainment to sport feeds – anywhere, anytime. Joining forces with In Aria! Networks will take it to the next level and help Speedcast gain solid footing in the larger media sector.

In Aria! Networks’ technology will first be used as a secure video transport layer for media live feeds. Through the exclusive partnership, Speedcast will deploy In Aria! Networks’ Ottvideo CDN infrastructure and video quality monitoring support. In Aria! routing software will be used in many of Speedcast’s global points of presence and will become a key component of the Speedcast Media Network. Carpenè will invest time and resources supporting the integration and implementation, as well as its deployment on a global basis.

Speedcast and In Aria! will also work together on research and development to improve and extend the scope of the In Aria! cloud platform, including the development of applications in cloud video surveillance.

Speedcast has identified the United States as a priority market for the Speedcast Media Network, and has therefore also added a sales management lead, Missy Gralish. Gralish brings extensive experience from the broadcast and media industry.