SYDNEY, December 13, 2018 – Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, announced today that its systems integration team has successfully delivered a new emergency alert tower and other network hardware equipment to an ethane cracker plant in Texas, set to begin operations in 2020.

The new onshore plant is majority-owned by a leading multinational energy producer who is also one of Speedcast’s top global Energy clients, and construction of the cracker broke ground earlier in 2018. This initiative aligns with the customer’s strategy to expand its global petrochemicals activity, which will help diversify the company portfolio and advance its leadership position as the market continues to come back. The plant is set to produce one million tons of ethane per year, and Speedcast’s emergency alert tower system will be used throughout the plant as a security measure to ensure that in an emergency, all personnel are alerted and can take appropriate action.

“This opportunity is a great example of the breadth of capabilities our team can work on for our customers in a variety of sectors and subsectors,” said Terry Babin, Speedcast’s Global Director of Systems Integration. “Emergency alert systems are vital to operations both onshore and offshore, and we are pleased to provide reliable solutions to keep the workers safe and operating efficiently. In addition, breaking ground on this new ethane cracker demonstrates the strategic movement that many of our customers are making to enhance their position in the market, which shows promise that activity in the Energy sector is picking up in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding onshore region. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to work with our customers on their communications and IT systems as the Energy sector is revitalized, allowing us to support their local and global needs with a fully-managed VSAT, wireless, terrestrial, IT outsourcing, or turnkey integrated communication solution.”

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