HAMBURG, September 6, 2018 – Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, today announced an agreement with PressReader to add the service as a new component of the Speedcast Media Network™. PressReader is a cloud-based platform designed for customers to easily bring thousands of top newspaper and magazine selections to their ships and assets for crew and guest enjoyment.

PressReader provides a simple, convenient way for companies to customize and select up-to-date news and magazine content for delivery to onboard and onsite personnel and guests. With over 7,000 titles from over 120 countries in 60+ languages, PressReader has a selection for everyone. As a cloud-based management system which allows content to be stored on local servers, ship and site administrators can select content to make available, download to the server, and give users access without using any additional bandwidth, making it an easy to use solution that is extremely cost- and bandwidth-efficient. In addition, users have the ability to download the PressReader app and access the content directly from any personal mobile device.

“Our partnership with PressReader provides customers with an easy solution to keep guests and crew up-to-date with the top news and publications while away from home,” said Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President of Products, Marketing, and Business Development for Speedcast. “It is an important addition to our Speedcast Media Network™, which is developed as a complete platform to bring digital content for both information and entertainment anywhere- whether on a ship, a rig or a remote onshore site with limited connectivity. PressReader helps us deliver content that our clients have requested, while allowing them to customize the available selections to their audiences and minimize extra bandwidth usage.”

Speedcast Media Network™ is comprised of three components designed to easily deliver and transmit content to remote locations both onshore and offshore. The three components include: a video transmission system for bandwidth-efficient video transfers from ship to shore and back; Speedcast TV on Demand™ for access to a complete library of music, movies, TV and other content to remote onshore and offshore locations; and PressReader to deliver up-to-date news and magazine selections from around the world. For more information, contact