Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, has successfully launched an innovative dual antenna solution for Fleet Xpress customers. The company also announced two unique promotions to celebrate this first-to-market launch of Fleet Xpress dual Ka-Band antenna systems onboard commercial maritime vessels, adventure cruise ships, and offshore supply vessels.

With dual Ka-Band antennas installed onboard, Fleet Xpress users experience greater uptime on Ka-Band and have a higher certainty of maximizing throughput at sea. In single Ka-Band antenna installations, the vessel automatically switches between Ka-Band and the L-Band back-up service of FleetBroadband, so in times of blockage customers will utilize the L-Band system for operations. Because of the reduced risk of structural blockage with this new dual antenna configuration, the customer spends less time on FleetBroadband and enjoys a better experience over the high-throughput Ka-Band service. This dual antenna system from Speedcast is available to users in all maritime segments, including commercial maritime and smaller adventure cruise ships, and can be combined with new flexible airtime packages to meet the demands for short-term, high bandwidth options in the energy sector.

With the Speedcast dual antenna promotions, Speedcast customers can get a free Cobham 60 cm antenna when they rent or lease a primary 60 cm antenna on Fleet Xpress. Alternatively, customers can choose to receive a 50 percent discount on a Cobham one meter antenna when they rent or lease a primary one meter antenna on Fleet Xpress.

“This innovative dual antenna system will have a dramatic impact on the Fleet Xpress user experience”, said Athina Vezyri, Executive Vice President, Maritime, Speedcast. “Speedcast continues to see strong demand for Fleet Xpress services with over 600 vessels in backlog and we look forward to working with our customers to increase their service levels with this first-to-market solution. We are already seeing strong early take up on the dual antenna promotion. In addition to the demand in maritime we are targeting the offshore supply vessel market at a time when we expect the energy market to grow.”

The dual antenna promotion is valid through 31 March 2019, or while supplies last.