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A Complete Overview of Site Assets

Access instant data and real-time and historical site information critical for ensuring optimal performance.

View network service level dashboards, incident and performance reports and data trends.

Receive immediate insights into remote site services and networks.

Manage ticketing visibility and interactions with Support and Sales.

Features & Benefits

A single platform for everything you need

Monitor the operational performance of remote site networks from a single platform.

Network Performance

Speedcast Compass provides near real-time statistics of remote sites, including upstream and downstream throughput, signal and latency and service availability. Stay up-to-date on the latest scheduled network maintenance, teleport upgrades and solar events from the dashboard.

Service Overview Management

The Compass Portal's self-service overview feature allows customers to select specific services and metrics, or view active cases associated with selected services. The portal offers customers high-level location visibility and the ability to export data in multiple file formats.

Service Location Tracking

Easily visualize and search different service locations or information using Speedcast’s map-view. Customers can zoom in on service information per site and view satellite footprint overlays.

Case Management

Create, track and manage cases directly from the portal. Users can update and interact with active cases and receive automated notifications as cases progress. Customers can also interact with Support and Account Management directly.

Real-time Reporting

Speedcast Compass provides access to historical, current and future service change schedules. Users can also view active change records and track change requests.

Account Management

Manage account settings and details directly in the portal. When there are personnel changes, users can view or change account contact information, add or remove contacts and roles, and change user accessibility preferences easily.

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Speedcast Compass Brochure

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