We can design and implement customised communications solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. Whether star or mesh topology, terrestrial or maritime, you can depend on our group of dedicated and experience field engineers to deliver the right solution that meets the needs of your business.

Broadband Services

We offer integrated satellite broadband solutions to deliver premium quality, customisable Internet Access services to our customers operating in geographically dispersed or remote locations.  Our capabilities cover a complete spectrum of requirements from basic Internet Access to complex Managed Networks and International Private Leased Services (IPLS).


Cellular Backhaul

Speedcast’s cellular backhaul solution is provided on an outsourced basis and supports the full breadth of voice and data transmission requirements from 2G to 4G.


FlyCast, our quick-deploy communications system, is a portable turnkey unit that enables first responders, NGOs, exploration teams and peace-keeping forces to access voice, internet and data services anytime, anywhere.

Internet Access

Our Internet Access solutions offer unlimited and secure Internet connectivity with the option to bundle other advanced Speedcast services.  Our Internet Access packages guarantee an “always-on” connection with broadband access to the Internet. With unlimited usage for a flat monthly fee, we provide our customers with a vital connection to hard-to-reach places where a high-level of availability is most needed.

Internet Backbone

Leveraging our depth of experience in SCPC technology, we provide Telcos, ISP’s and Operators with a managed backbone for Internet traffic, voice circuits and VoIP transit with the quality expected by tier 1 service providers.


Managed Network Services

As a provider of fully outsourced private wide area networks (WANs), Speedcast delivers a managed bandwidth service backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Speedcast provides and manages all aspects of the VSAT link to achieve the highest level of quality.  Regardless of the size of their network, users are assured that their private network is managed and monitored 24/7/365 by our team of highly certified engineers.


Mobile Satellite Services

Working with global providers such as Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya – Speedcast delivers cost efficient voice and data connectivity via L-Band. We offer a wide range of L-band Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) catering to every requirement, wherever needed around the globe. Speedcast provides MSS/L-band equipment and services to the maritime, terrestrial, energy and government/disaster-recovery sectors.

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Private Networks

Our International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service is a point-to-point private line that offers data, voice and video communications between your local and international offices.  Our private network service supports video conferencing, business data exchange, and enterprise resource planning packages, as well as other Internet Access applications such as VoIP.


SeaCast is Speedcast’s core VSAT service designed for all maritime vessels. SeaCast delivers high-quality, always-on and unlimited usage broadband connectivity with worldwide coverage.


SeaCast SIGMA is our ground-breaking, flexible communications management platform. A solution that scales from a small fishing vessel to the largest tanker, the SeaCast SIGMA family provides the right choice to manage your VSAT, MSS and cellular communications.


Speedcast’s VSAT services enable customers to manage their own VSAT networks and provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet their complex needs — with burstable, fixed-rate or usage-based bandwidth plans and customisable communications, safety and security applications.


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