Ready access to knowledgeable experts

At the heart of Speedcast is our deep commitment to you and a promise to provide the service and support your operations require. We work side-by-side from concept to implementation, through all evolutions of your business, to deliver every last detail, from system installation to local field support and solution management.

The Speedcast advantage

Managed Solution

We manage your communications so you can focus on your business.

A Communications Partner

Work with a team who is committed to your continued growth.

Expertly Managed

Our team of experts deliver network and system integration, digitalization and IoT services, and innovation from our testing lab.

Our approach




Our team of technical staff and engineers begin by working with your requirements to design a custom solution that is truly unique for your situation.



Our expert team continues by handling the installation, testing and rollout of your tailored solution to ensure that it meets all of your needs.



Finally, we work to optimize your custom solution by offering analytics on the data you collect, optimizing your solution to take full advantage of the system we built, and partnering with you in continued support.

Experience the difference.