SYDNEY, May 23, 2019 – Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, today announced it will be the exclusive provider of remote communications to Mike Horn, the world-renowned South African-born Swiss professional explorer and adventurer. Speedcast’s extensive connectivity services and applications will support Mike’s adventures in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.

As a professional explorer, Mike has achieved record-breaking exploits, including swimming solo down the Amazon River, a non-motorized circumnavigation of the world along the equator, and an unsupported crossing of the North Pole in the dark. This year, Mike will embark on three expeditions – training in Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska; attempting the K2 summit from the North Ridge; and crossing the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole as the final leg of his Pole2Pole expedition.

Mike’s ambition is to explore nature in remote regions and share his experiences and knowledge with the world. Using Speedcast Atlas’ fully managed, end-to-end solutions, supported by a global network of networks, Mike will be able to share his real-time location with his followers, conduct live question-and-answer sessions and broadcast history-making moments on Mike’s and Speedcast’s social media channels and dedicated webpage at Speedcast will also supply Mike’s team with satellite communication devices and services for them to maintain critical communications throughout the expeditions.

“Mike Horn is the world’s greatest modern day explorer and his adventures push the boundaries of human ability. Mike’s expeditions provide a rare opportunity for people to follow him to the corners of the world and experience the physical and mental challenges of these adventures in remote locations,” said Speedcast CEO Pierre-Jean Beylier. “At Speedcast, we want to inspire people to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible. These are the same core values that have been driving our business and company culture. We also want to raise awareness of climate change and show people that even the most isolated places on earth are affected. We are excited to support Mike, keeping him securely and safely connected during his expeditions, while enabling a global audience to experience Mike’s adventures.”

“I have always believed the impossible only exists until we find a way to make it possible,” said Mike Horn. “I am grateful for Speedcast’s support that enables us to bring viewers along with me, so that they can see what I see. Speedcast’s ability to customize my remote communications needs with expert knowledge, rock-solid reliability, the latest technology and best-in-class support allows us to open the eyes of the world to what is possible together.”