Value Added Services

Depending on your needs, we can design and implement customised communications solutions for your organisation. Whether star or mesh topology, terrestrial or maritime, you can depend on our group of dedicated and experienced field engineers to deliver a solution that meets the needs of your business.


Speedcast’s Clipway solution is a universal, software-based audio and video transmission tool that integrates with our global VSAT services to deliver real-time, high-quality stationary or on-the-go audio and video broadcasts from any remote location around the world.


Speedcast Maritime Email Service is based on the SIGMA Net platform using SpeedMail+, a primary VSAT connection and an MSS backup link. SpeedMail+ is a secure cloud-based maritime email system, delivering efficient email plus file transfer services between ship and shore.


SpeedTalk is our flexible Voice over IP (VoIP) service providing a cost-effective calling solution for business and crew. SpeedTalk delivers our high-quality pre-paid and post-paid VoIP services via a VoIP telephone, POTS telephone or the Speedcast VoIP client using a vessel’s Wi-Fi network.


SIGMA Net is our powerful VSAT and MSS network management device for the maritime sector which provides automated management of multiple WAN links and facilitates network segmentation between business critical safety, security and communications operations, and crew communications and entertainment.


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