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High-speed Communications
Wherever You Go

Speedcast’s SmartKit includes a lightweight antenna and peripheral equipment packaged for quick deployment to any global destination.

Designed to be set up by a single user, the SmartKit comes with a network device, which is simple to install and is integrated with existing infrastructure.

Global Ku-band coverage provides high speed internet services anywhere in the world.

The SmartKit offers connectivity speeds up to 5 Mbps, delivered over one satellite connection.

Features & Benefits

A Reliable Solution When Disaster Hits

Our portable, all-in-one, VSAT service provides a high-speed communications connection wherever you go.

Immediate Needs

Short-term satellite rental of equipment with Ku-band VSAT services couriered to your doorstep.

Check out our complete suite of offerings for NGO & Humanitarian Aid.

Complete Solution

Get VSAT services on-the-go via a 1.0 meter antenna, modem, network device and Wi-Fi for VoiP and internet services.

High Bandwidth

Defined service levels up to 5 Mbps Committed Information Rate (CIR) and 10 Mbps Maximum Information Rate (MIR).

Robust Network

VSAT services provided on global Ku-band network for the largest, most robust coverage to ensure global access.

Quick Set Up

Designed to be set up by a single individual in less than 15 minutes.

Trailer Option

Speedcast SmartKit can also be deployed as a mobile satellite trailer for off road mobility emergency communications.

Solving the latest challenges in Humanitarian and NGO

Remote VSAT/ Multi-path Connectivity
Speedcast SmartKit
GPS Location Tracker
Push-to-Talk Radio
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Quick-Deploy VSAT
DiD to HQs
Virtualization on SIGMA
Speedcast SmartView™
Quick-Deploy VSAT

Downloads & Resources

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Comprehensive Connectivity and Innovation Solutions

Our solution expertise spans more industries and locations than any other provider. Learn more about how Speedcast delivers fully-connected systems and future-ready solutions designed to accelerate your mission and amplify your operations, anywhere in the world.

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