Passenger and crew Internet and digital entertainment

Speedcast LAUNCH offers remote staff and crew onboard any vessel or at any remote site a seamless solution to launch their digital world. The portfolio includes access to fully managed, user friendly remote site Wi-Fi and ancillary entertainment services, including movies and television, and periodical content.

Why choose Speedcast LAUNCH?

Launch Easily

Connect to the internet or watch blockbuster movies in just a few clicks

Launch Anywhere

Access the digital world directly from any Wi-Fi-enabled device for easy BYOD use without network security concerns

Launch Remotely

Launch the digital experience from any vessels or remote site leveraging Speedcast’s global network

Launch your digital world anytime, anywhere

Find the best ways to improve crew morale and guest satisfaction with our Speedcast LAUNCH solutions.

Makes it easy for remote staff and crew to browse social media sites, keep up with personal business, and stay connected to family and friends via a fully managed Wi-Fi service.

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A complete managed Wi-Fi service from installation to support. Speedcast LAUNCH Internet is the front-runner in providing passengers and crew — whether for a single vessel or an entire fleet — with fast and reliable internet access at the industry’s most competitive rates.

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Offers crew and passengers a wide range of content – from the latest Hollywood blockbusters, to hits from international content creators via Speedcast TV on Demand service.

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Access broad range of international magazines and newspaper publications with no download limits, all available through the easy-to-use PressReader platform.

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