Speedcast TrueBeam Automated Network Monitoring

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Smart Network Management

TrueBeam’s algorithm-based system analyzes network availability, capacity, bands, and other key data points making beam switches without manual intervention.

The industry-leading technology is fully operated remotely from a central server, with no added equipment required at the remote site.

TrueBeam moves remotes away from congested networks, delivering added levels of proactive network planning and mitigation.

The Speedcast-designed technology is the first system of its kind to centralize capacity and load balancing of the network of this size and scale.

Features & Benefits

Sky is the limit

Combine Speedcast TrueBeam’s intelligent beam-switching and SD-WAN traffic-steering to maximize network performance.

Improve Performance

The algorithmic approach delivers the highest levels of network performance for an improved customer experience.

Drive Network Efficiency

TrueBeam analyzes availability, capacity, bands, and other key data points to make intelligent decisions without manual intervention.

Ubiquitous Connectivity

When combined with SD-WAN, TrueBeam can continuously steer traffic to optimize the network.


TrueBeam can be used as an overlay to whatever platform is being implemented, based on specific customer operational and capacity requirements, to best manage satellite beams and coverage needs.

Real-time Response

Beam switches are based on real-time site location updates ensuring the best option is applied at the right time.

High Accuracy

Fully automated system enabling fast and error-free beam switches.

Taming the complexity of multi-path, multi-orbit connectivity

A patent-pending, software-driven platform automatically performs smart beam-switching and traffic steering based on location, available capacity, footprint contours and committed information rates.

Downloads & Resources

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