VSAT Satellite


Communicate on-the-go across land and sea with global VSAT connectivity.

Always-on, Uninterrupted High Speed Broadband Communications

Supporting all IP-based applications, such as internet, voice & wireless distribution, entertainment services, and video surveillance.

Geographically Diverse Infrastructure

Offering a dual level of redundancy, providing the option of no single point of failure.

Our VSAT Satellite Connectivity Portfolio

Maritime and Offshore


VSAT Product List

Speedcast provides the most extensive VSAT propositions in the market: All services are delivered with minimum guarantees of bandwidth to ensure high-quality service. Each package is designed to meet any customer communication requirements in today’s maritime and offshore environment.

Maritime & Offshore

Out-of-band Management is offered via the MSS equipment installed for Speedmail Business Unlimited Back-up Services. If there is an issue with the hardware onboard, Speedcast’s 24/7 global support can remotely access the MSS equipment onboard and troubleshoot any issues the vessel is experiencing with the VSAT equipment.

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Speedcast covers the world for Ku-band services, including voice, internet and email access to any remote location. Speedcast has a variety of bandwidth options to meet all your data needs with speeds of more than 50Mbps. From simple, on-the-go communications to permanent complex systems for both headquarters and personnel.

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Speedcast’s Sub-Saharan African VSAT service offers low-cost, ultra-high availability and scalability for mining, enterprise, telecom, satellite backhaul, ISP data centers and humanitarian organizations, where reliable always-on connectivity is a must.

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A global, portable satellite kit that can be easily set up by a single person. Get VSAT services on the go via a 1.0 meter antenna, a modem, a network device and Wi-Fi. Everything is packaged in airline approved cases, making it the ideal on-the-go solution for first responders or remote workers in media, mining, energy, government or NGOs.

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Maritime and Offshore Ku-band VSAT satellite plans


Guaranteed provides a minimum guaranteed bandwidth to meet certain applications’ minimum bandwidth requirements to run over a satellite communication network. It is offered as a dedicated CIR service to ensure the asset always receives a minimum amount of bandwidth to run onboard applications and provide data and voice.


Burst is delivered with a CIR that is a minimum guaranteed bandwidth, but has a high MIR for bursting capability. The CIR is delivered to the asset and allows the asset more bandwidth when downloading large amounts of data and the capability to burst up to the MIR if available. Burst’s high MIR allows assets to access more bandwidth when there is premium usage on-board due to operations and crew demands occurring simultaneously.


Professional is Speedcast’s customizable VSAT service delivered with a CIR and MIR that meets any asset’s and crew communications needs. With Professional, the service and onboard communication network are tailored based on customer specifications.

NGSO Satellites

Enjoy fiber-like connectivity as if you were in a bustling metropolitan area with Non-geostationary satellite (NGSO) services. Speedcast has been testing and adding proven NGSO technologies, including medium Earth orbit (MEO) and low Earth orbit (LEO) services to our network to support customers who require high-performance connectivity solutions for their critical, maximum-uptime operations. Check out our latest updates on NGSO innovations coming to market.

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