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Reliable, low-latency, next generation connectivity

LTE is capable of penetrating more walls between the antenna and receiver when compared to Wi-Fi

From backpack to fixed installation, Private LTE network architecture keeps local traffic on site

Uses SIM authentication and E2E encryption

LTE integrates low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology and interfaces seamlessly with surrounding mobile networks, where available

Features & Benefits

Optimized for Critical Operations

A more secure, scalable and resilient solution than traditional Wi-Fi connectivity.

Beyond Terrestrial Network

Powered by Nokia industrial private LTE/4.9G wireless services, the solution is ideal for backhaul connectivity of data and voice communications for regions beyond traditional terrestrial networks.


CELLULAR Private LTE is an easy-to-use, plug and play platform optimized for high-performance, real-time business critical applications.

More predictable performance

LTE’s advantage is that it remains stable with multiple number of users, while Wi-Fi’s latency and jitter typically rises.

Combines IoT Data and Cognitive Computing

Deployed over Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking and edge computing platform that lets you combine plug-and-play 4G and 5G connectivity with on-premise data management and processing.

End-to-end Networking Platform

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) comes with spectrum, edge computing, access points, applications and user equipment.

Powerful Management Portal

The platform includes a web-based portal that makes it easy to manage all sites, anywhere in the world. Customers can use the portal to deploy applications and push software updates to all or individual locations.

Downloads & Resources

Speedcast CELLULAR Private LTE brochure

Read about the features and functionalities of Speedcast CELLULAR Private LTE


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