Expanding cellular connections with cost-effective satellite backhaul

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Mobile Networks As A Service

Serve rural population centers, industrial sites, and campuses without incurring the high capex of fiber or microwave backhaul.

Deploy network overlays to introduce 4G or 5G without the requirement of wholescale upgrades to the physical network.

Provide low-cost peak hour traffic protection for base station transceivers (BTS) that experience regular traffic peaks and troughs.

Bring cellular service to nontraditional locations, including oil and gas installations and offshore vessels.

Features & Benefits

Extend your network reach

Speedcast will work with you to design a cellular solution that meets your specific needs, requirements and budget.

Enabling Revenue Growth

Speedcast invests in and manages cellular and VSAT networks and provides equipment for the duration of the contract. This allows mobile operators or service providers to avoid large capital outlays while realizing the added benefits of cellular services, essentially purchasing bandwidth on demand to extend network coverage.


Speedcast’s comprehensive service includes complete design, purchase, installation, configuration, management, monitoring, analysis, and optimization for a truly end-to-end solution.

Cellular Backup

CELLULAR Backhaul ensures backup connectivity for existing cell tower infrastructure when a mobile operator encounters microwave or fiber network failures or during events and disaster recovery scenarios.

IoT Connectivity

CELLULAR Backhaul enables IoT SCADA for sensors or systems in remote areas, where communications are critical, but assets are few.

Maintaining QoS

Offload data to maintain quality of service (QoS) when network utilization has reached its peak.

Addressing Sporadic Needs

Perfect for downloading heavy asymmetric data, such as video covering national or international sports events, social media content and data uploads from venues for large social gatherings.

Downloads & Resources

Speedcast CELLULAR Backhaul Brochure

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CELLULAR Backhaul as a Service Whitepaper

Read about Cellular Backhaul as a Service and how to mobile operators play it smart to capture growth.

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New Economics of Satellite Cellular Backhaul Whitepaper

Read about how new technologies are dropping costs and promise even better in the 5G rollout

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