Intelligent network management

As networks and satellite connections grow, network management becomes crucial for business operations. Speedcast’s MPLS backbone includes comprehensive reporting tools that give you a complete view of your network operations, whether it's microwave, fiber, 4G/LTE, terrestrial or satellite services.
Monitoring and diagnosing network servers

 The Atlas advantage


Fully automated to make sure you have the best network coverage when and where you need it.

Optimized Traffic Management

We condense your traffic to ensure your bandwidth is used efficiently.

Application Delivery

Receive the applications you need both locally and in the cloud.

Reduce downtime with smart network management

Fully manageable on-board or remotely from shore, our solution facilitates control of your on-board network while offering comprehensive tools to reduce operating costs and keep your crew happy.

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Speedcast SIGMA Suite

Speedcast SIGMA Suite

Speedcast SIGMA provides you with a single, integrated platform for remote communications. It seamlessly integrates our global VSAT, L-band, Fleet Xpress, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi services. 



Speedcast’s SD-WAN is an advanced Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution that seamlessly blends satellite and wireless technologies.  Designed for onshore and offshore markets, our solution provides organizations with high-performance and dynamic access to applications across the networks with greater ease-of-use and lower cost.

Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Speedcast’s Network Optimization solution is designed to maximize efficiencies in data transfer across networks. It provides traffic shaping, data deduplication, data caching and more to improve your network performance, reduce operating costs and keep your crew happy.
managed network optimization

Applications and Edge Computing

Applications and Edge Computing

With the rise of the IoT and embedded intelligence, there is an increase in demand for data and real-time analysis. Speedcast’s edge computing solution is integrated with our global network of networks, giving you true analysis and process optimization at the edge of the world.
edge computing solutions

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