Enhance onboard internet with 4G/LTE

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Enabling cost-effective mobile data

Flexible cost control and overage protection ensure the monthly allowance is never exceeded.

Data plans are flexible, with a range of bundles to fit any requirement.

Provides high speed access to the Internet and corporate VPN connections, creating a hybrid network with Speedcast’s VSAT and MSS services.

Installation is simple and can be performed by onboard crew, reducing the cost of implementation.

Features & Benefits

Affordable, fully-managed, high-speed communications

Bringing a near-shore, data-only 4G/LTE service to assets around the world.

Ship-to-shore Coverage

CELLULAR Near-shore can receive a 4G/LTE/3G signal up to 15 Nautical Miles offshore. If a 4G/LTE signal is not available, CELLULAR Near-shore automatically switches to 3G/HSPDA modes of operation, so a signal can be used when near-shore.

Cloud Management Platform

CELLULAR Near-shore portal provides detailed network information pertaining to country/VPLMN information, last location updates for voice and data, current VLR/ SGSN GTs as well as current data sessions and history.

Call Detail Record (CDR) Reporting

Real-time monitoring is available for any activated SIM. The CDR Reporting provides detailed network information pertaining to any data sessions related to each individual SIM.

Customer Notifications

Notifications can be created to trigger email alerts to customers and/or account managers. SIMs can be setup with monthly credit limits and can be combined with usage alert notifications to mitigate potential bill shock.

Fleet Management

CELLULAR Near-shore portal provides full fleet management when used in combination with the Peplink modem with built-in GPS.

Complete Device Management

Real-time monitoring of all devices online, connection status, active data contexts and data usage via the Speedcast Near-shore portal.

Speedcast CELLULAR Near-shore Enabled Regions

Technical Information

CELLULAR Near-shore is a complete 4G/LTE package, including a commercial-grade router inside an IP67 rated enclosure, high-gain omnidirectional 4G/LTE antennas, and the necessary cables.






Maximum Modem Speeds

Maximum Modem Speeds

100 Mbps Down/50 Mbps Up

42 Mbps/5.76 Mbps Up




Cellular Standard

Cellular Standard




1 Port WAN 1000Mbps, 1 Port LAN 1000Mbps

Antenna Model

Antenna Model

World Band Cellular Antenna (x4) Full Band (700–2700 MHz) Broadband IP67 Rating Omnidirectional antenna with 4.3dBi Gain

Downloads & Resources

Speedcast CELLULAR Near-shore brochure

Read about the features and functionalities of Speedcast CELLULAR Near-shore


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