Make roamers feel at home

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Enhance the Passenger Experience and Increase Revenue Generation

Enjoy calling, texting and browsing just like at home

Capitalize on the increasing demands for data and expand revenue stream opportunities

Cruise liners and ferries can choose from a monthly rental or revenue share model

The service covers more than 300 roaming agreements, including large operators such as AT&T and Vodafone

Features & Benefits

A fully managed cellular roaming service

With CELLULAR Roam-at-sea, Speedcast manages all aspects of passenger usage and support.

Instantly Connect

Users can seamlessly connect to the service using their own SIM cards.

Personal Privacy

Passengers have the privacy and freedom to use their own personal devices.

Independent Network

Passengers can connect to the service separate from the vessel’s business connection for a completely segregated service.

Usage Tracking

Passengers can track usage and have visibility via home network billing statements.

Simple Network Setup

2G GSM/EDGE technology and 4G technology over VSAT backhaul using IP Access nanoGSM Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) and eNodeB.

Worry Free Regulatory Compliance Built-In

CELLULAR Roam-at-sea’s intelligent Geographic Information System (GIS) will automatically switch the cellular service on or off depending on vessel location relative to shore according to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) requirement.

Downloads & Resources

Speedcast CELLULAR Roam-at-sea brochure

Read about the features and functionalities of Speedcast CELLULAR Roam-at-sea


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