Speeding up data analysis offshore

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Enhancing your connectivity with high-speed internet

Establish 100% coverage inside any asset

High speed, low latency, 4G LTE network for reliable roaming even in adverse weather conditions

Low equipment cost and flexible subscription options

Easy-to-use, plug and play platform optimized for high-performance, real-time business critical applications

Features & Benefits

Bringing carrier-grade connectivity to your assets

CELLULAR Offshore utilizes Tampnet’s high-capacity and low-latency infrastructure based on Subsea fiber-optic cables, line-of-sight microwave links and 4G LTE wireless connectivity.

Instant Communications

CELLULAR Offshore’s subsea fibre optic network provides high-capacity broadband access that enables faster and improved decision-making, increased efficiency, increased safety and significant cost savings.

On-platform coverage

Coverage tailored for use on the platform itself and can be used with wireless instrumentation, handheld devices, cameras, and more.

Robust Network

CELLULAR Offshore’s 4G network is based on mobile technology, giving mobile and rotating rigs and vessels reliable communications links, even in harsh weather conditions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect and digitalize your offshore asset to improve efficiency, sustainability and well-being by maximizing productivity across upstream, midstream and downstream processes.

Tracking and Monitoring

Track your entire fleet through a cloud-based dashboard to monitor equipment location, understand usage patterns, check for usage abuse and understand certification status

Enhance with SD-WAN

Speedcast’s SD-WAN solution can enhance your service when additional links are available (CELLULAR, VSAT, Wireless, Fiber, etc.) Specifically designed to enable dynamic, flexible, and scalable connectivity, SD-WAN is capable of supporting evolving data demands between networks, devices and users.

Coverage Maps

Gulf of Mexico

North Sea

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Speedcast CELLULAR Offshore brochure

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