Starlink Business

Our weekly Starlink series that compares the Actuated High Performance and Flat High Performance kits, offers a tutorial on the commissioning process, and provides insights into speed tests performed by our technical team.

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Unboxing Starlink HP Kit

Check out what is inside the pole-mount Starlink High Performance Kit

Unboxing Starlink Flat HP Kit

Check out what is inside the wedge-mount Starlink Flat High Performance Kit

Commissioning Starlink Business

Step-by-step commissioning, finding the optimal location and speed testing

Starlink Business vs. Residential

Choosing the right Starlink service for your remote operations

Starlink Business Mobility Testing

Evaluating Starlink Business’s system performance while on the move

Everything you need to know about Starlink Maritime

Throughout the series, we covered unboxing, commissioning and installation, along with how to turn your Starlink broadband link into an integrated connectivity solution via Speedcast’s SIGMA Ecosystem, which delivers seamless, hybrid network service for added levels of visibility, security, redundancy and out-of-band management. We’ve also put the system to the test deployed on a vessel. Check out the videos below.

Unboxing Starlink Maritime Kit

Check out what is inside the Starlink Maritime kit

Commissioning and Speed Test

Step-by-step commissioning and app view highlights as well as a speed test

DIY Mounting

A walkthrough of the mounting unit of a Starlink Maritime antenna system

Sea Trial

Evaluating Starlink Maritime’s system performance at sea

Maximize Your Starlink Systems

How to get the most out of the Starlink Maritime broadband connection

Expand Capabilities for Enterprises

Enabling corporate network access, VLAN and port forwarding capabilities

Bond Systems into a Seamless Path

Bonding the systems together and maximizing performance

Optimize and Protect

Keeping remote operations safe and secure from cyber threats

Live Customer Deployment at Sea

Installing and testing Starlink onboard Hurtigruten Expeditions

Unlock Starlink Potential with Custom-Built Accessories

Maximize the potential of your Starlink connectivity with our custom-designed accessories. Safeguard your Starlink equipment, optimize its performance, and extend its lifespan.

Starlink Utility Enclosure

For outdoor, indoor and industrial environments.

Travel Case for Starlink

All-in-one travel case for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

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